TOM SZIGETHY is a nationally certified counselor (LCHMCA; license #A17965; currently supervised by Dr. Brigidi), wellness coach, and educational consultant with expertise in working with individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma, and gender identity issues. Tom also has expertise in addressing the negative impact of addiction/substance use on families.

Tom has served as Associate Dean/Director of DuWell at Duke University for 14 years. In this role he has created, designed and implemented a wellness program for typical college age students to manage risk, promote wellness behavior and give back to the community. He is trained in mindfulness, Health Coaching and motivational interviewing, with a special interest in cultural practices of mindfulness and emotion regulation. Prior to his counseling work, Tom spent 15 years as an investigator for the Department of Children and Families (OH, MA and CT) and has an encyclopedic knowledge of mental health and regulatory issues related to childhood abuse and neglect. Tom offers workshops on Substance Use Disorder, Family Systems, Group Health Coaching, Emotional Well-being, Men’s Engagement and Mindfulness/Meditation for individuals, couples, families, and organizations.

At NCNbA, Tom focuses his work in the outpatient clinic and provides his expertise to the IOP FIND, promoting healthy relationships between our clients and their families, partners, peers, teachers, and employers.