Our forensic neuropsychological evaluations involve applying neuropsychological principles and practices to matters that pertain to legal decision-making.

This type of evaluation is often used to provide information based on scientifically-validated neuropsychological principles and clinical methodology of whether (1) an individual has cognitive and/or psychological dysfunction and (2) whether dysfunction results from an event of interest.

In addition to evaluations and deposition or trial testimony, forensic services also include record review (with verbal opinions and/or a written report) and non-declared expert neuropsychological consultation services.

Initial consultations by phone are free of charge. Forensic fee schedules and curriculum vitae are available upon request.


NCNbA offers clinical and forensic evaluation and assessment services for a wide range of neurocognitive, neuropsychiatric, neurodevelopmental, and neurodegenerative disorders across the lifespan.

Psychotherapy & Coaching

Empirically-based therapy techniques to help individuals, couples, and families and executive function (EF) Coaching for individuals with motivation and EIQ skills issues

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